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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  October 18, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead at 6:00 --
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police head back into the was looking for a missing montgomery county boy. >> a was real scared. i was strong. >> plus four mentally challenged adults held captive in a dungeon for days. some of the victims are speaking out this morning. >> , a jobs bill bus tour and taking the stage for the eighth republican debate good morning washington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning to you. 6:01 on this tuesday, october 18. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first, here is adam caskey. it is comfortable outside relative to this time of year. temperatures are online for
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average this morning around 50 degrees. we have some 40 degree temperatures here and they're especially north of town. 57 degrees in southeast d.c. we are on our way to 72 this afternoon with a pleasant day with a mixture of sun and clouds and tomorrow we will have often on rainshowers and even rain showers developing late-night but mostly late morning into the afternoon tomorrow. still comfortable, near 70, and gusty winds on thursday and much cooler. we are hearing from vdot that they have been working with an accident that ended right here. this is the result of a police chase northbound on i-395 at the beginning of the exit ramp for edsall road. the right to travel in is blocked on 395 and you cannot access the exit from 395 north
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to edsall road because that is where the police chase has culminated. delays are growing out of newington passed the belt way onto i-395 . plan ahead. the main line and hov are both effective this morning. we'll have more from newschopper7 in less than 10 minutes. a prisoner swap in the middle east, five years in the making. palestinian officials in gaza moved gilad shalit . the capture, and was exchange for more than 1000 palestinian inmates. this follows years of failed negotiations. turning to the race for the white house -- republican presidential hopefuls will trade words at tonight's debate in nevada. all the major contenders will take the stage.
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several candidates are protesting the nevada decision to move its caucus earlier into 2012 because the move jeopardize is the new hampshire primary. president obama will spend another day on the road in north carolina and virginia. he is pushing congress to pass his jobs package. >> break up my job is built -- maybe they did not understand a thing all at once. [laughter] we will break up into bite size pieces. >> senate republicans blocked the $447 billion package last week. democrats say the first piece will be $35 billion to help state and local governments pay for jobs for teachers police officers and firefighters. republicans blasted the three- day bus tour and say he is focusing on keeping his own job and not american jobs. a washington man died after crashing his car into a tour bus.
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this happened around 6:00 last night in waldorf. the victim is a 20-year-old. the driver of the tour bus who was a 46-year-old failed to yield right of way. no one was seriously hurt and there is no word on any charges. police will be back in the woods near clarksburg looking for a missing montgomery county boy. william mclean disappeared more than two weeks ago. around the same time his mother was murdered. police are holding out hope that you will be found alive. detectives will pick up the man killingaccused of killing the mother in north carolina. it is still unclear, the specifics as to help police ended up here searching the woods. they will do so again today looking for that young 11-year- old boy. they say they will do whatever
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they can to find him. >> the search for the 11-year old continues this morning more than two weeks after the young boy went missing. >> any time a kid is missing is disturbing regardless of where he was then i he was last seen september 30. on october 12, his mother was found dead inside their apartment reported. the woman suffered from apparent stab wounds to her back. the man was in court in north carolina. he has waived his extradition rights and will be returned to maryland. a witness claims lopez was seen near the mcqain home. lopez is not talking to police so the search continues for the
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boy. >> hopefully they can find a kid in one piece. >> everyone is continuing to keep that hope alive. we are expecting we could get an update later today from police. it is unclear as to how many days it will take lopez to return to maryland. >> thank you. police and parents in oakton are on high alert after a possible it attempted abduction. two incidents took place on the same street. a nearby school is sending an alert to parents. good morning, both of these incidents happened involving oakton high school students and they both happened along this roadway. the most recent one happened friday. "oakton high-school female students were walking home from
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school when a man approached them. he asked them a few questions and tried to get them to get into a car. they started yelling and running away. this is similar to an incident that happened last tuesday involving an oakton high school student. she was walking to school by herself early in the morning around this time. she says a man approached her and police said that men tried to force her into his vehicle. she started yelling and was able to run away from him. fairfax county police are investigating to see whether the same man is behind both of these incidents. school officials did send an e- mail to parents yesterday alerting them about these cases. many parents and students in the area are very worried. they say is very dark when the students are walking to school it gets darker earlier because of the tarn. parents are asking students to be very careful. >> thank you.
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the time is 6:08 in 55 degrees. >> still ahead -- protecting women from two common types of cancer. the new recommendations and two new studies. >> [druims] >> for the first time this season the leader board does not belong to the ladies. we have highlights from the guys night on the ballroom floor. >> first, a change is coming in adam caskey has the details coming up. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years.
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>> we are boning up for you for
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this season. happy halloween. good morning, washington. >> that will wake you up this morning. 57 degrees in the morning. you can share some of your photos with us for the foliage. it is changing out there. it is not at peak but it is changing and this will be the perfect weekend to view the changing colors of the leaves. there will be a lot of sunshine with high temperatures in the lower 60's. it will feel like fall friday through the weekend. partly cloudy today and 72 and showers developing tonight but not widespread. often on rain tomorrow up to
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1.5 inches of rain possible especially parts of virginia it is comfortable tomorrow near 70 and thursday gusty winds will bring in colder air thursday through saturday. distressing news for commuters to take 95 northbound pettitte it looks like the delays begin north of the occoquan river and are consistent in the main lines because of this accident. this is live from newschopper7 flying over 395 northbound at edsall road. that is the first exit after the beltway. this is where police chase -- a police chase ended this morning. they have taken away the right travel into that is not helping. the exit ramp is closed but now the right to travel and is also blocked. hov in the middle looks like it is doing okay. the main lines are really suffering. we will have a maryland focus and our next report right now back to the news desk. the time is 6:13 and 55
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degrees. >> coming up, why america is slowly dying sitting behind the work desk. >> the house of horrors in the city of brotherly love -- for the first time we are hearing fr
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the horrific story of the disabled adults held captive in a philadelphia basement may be expanding to other parts of the country. we are hearing the story of life in the squalid seller from the victims themselves. >> he did this to me. >> this is the dungeon of the horror house. >> looks like a dungeon. these people were stored like
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surplus meat in the basement. >> it was here that four handicapped adults including these people were held in pitch blackness with little water and a bucket for a toilet. >> they hit me in the back of my head. >> it was real dirty. i was strong. >> the landlord made the discovery, pushing a door open to find starting captives. one was chained to a boiler. police said there were held while their three alleged captors still their social security and disability checks. >> this is a terrible case but it is one that might get even worse, quite frankly before it is over. >> police found social security numbers of 50 people. >> police are still trying to
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find family members of the fourth victim. the alleged captors' face kidnapping as well as other charges. the fbi has launched a national investigation to see how many victims there are in the case. police are calling this horrific. the parents of that missing missouri baby have no hired a lawyer. is comes after lisa irwin's mother said she was drunk and she may have black out at the time the baby venice. the parents say they have nothing to hide and police have no suspects. experts and fellow racers are weighing in on that tragic crash that killed in the killeddan wheldon. he was killed sunday in a fiery 15-car crash in las vegas. is clark climbed onto another vehicle and went airborne. officials say he died from a
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trauma to his head. nascar race for jimmy johnson and others suggested that in the cars are not built to go as fast as they do on oval tracks. he says the in the series should stick to road courses. paying bills on time is not getting easier. the work force waistline it keeps getting bigger. good morning a troubling banking report, five of the nation's top credit card issuers say late payments rose last month for the increases were all well under 1% but is the first time in almost three years that so many issuers have reported a rise. american's plan to travel during the holidays expect to spend 43% this year and most of the money will go toward food and entertainment. most full-time u.s. workers are either overweight, obese or have other chronic health problems for a 86% leased to 450
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million days of missed work per year. los angeles, san francisco are second and third with more than 4000 people who have a network of more and $30 million. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. look at these fall temperatures. the colors are changing slowly out there this weekend will be good for viewing the early fall colors. we will have a lot of sunshine and comfortable conditions. take a look at this picture -- this is a beautiful picture from mike: and barbara sending the best in the shenandoah valley. the colors are starting to
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shift but they have a ways to go before they are at the peak. i just did a blog on /weather and it tells you how you could share air pictures with us. clouds are rolling over had this morning but no rain to speak up until late tonight and especially tomorrow. two systems -- one over the mississippi valley and the other over the gulf of mexico will merge together and become one bigger storm system tomorrow over the southeastern states and burn his areas of rain off and on throughout the day. this shows us the two lows marching together and pumping rainshowers for the washington area this time tomorrow into tomorrow afternoon and evening. it will be much cooler behind that system.
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right now, the temperatures are around 50. 72 degrees and partly cloudy today and 70 degrees with win tomorrow and 60 by thursday and friday. we had an accident reported on powder mill road near 197. nothing on the baltimore- washington parkway and nothing but normal volume on the outer loop new hampshire avenue to georgia avenue. a live picture shows you the 270 slowdown in germantown. newschopper7 has been flying over northbound 395 at edsall road. this is where a police chase ended this morning on the ramp to edsall road and the right traveling is blocked. delays begin at the prince william parkway. >> massey commute this morning -- thank you. 6:21 is your time. >> next up, let's hear it for the boys.
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the guys are off on '80s night and have the scores to prove it. >> on my next show, moms to pick favorites. it is rare to hear a mom say she has. a has why are you willing to say that? >> it is a parent's best kept secret that they have a favorite theme children affected by it -- >> i was offended by the assumption that everybody has a favorite child. >> today at 4:00 on anderson.
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♪ >> when the dust settled on week 5 of "dancing with the stars," guys tell the top three sp spots on the leader board. the crowd was on their feet after a somewhat. that got them 28 out of 30 points. 25 points when to rob kardashian. >> yes. >> we got our first 10. it feels good it gives me confidence every day in rehearsal and i feel we're better. i can >> believe i am still here in second place. >> i am so excited and in the moment. i cannot hear the music so much. >> former front runners bricky
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leg and brickyhough -- and derek hough or in fourth place. i like me some j.r. he is into it. >> carson is fun to watch. >> 6:26 and still another half- hour of "good morning washington." >> the high altitude engineers to work on the washington monument are back at the national cathedral. >> we are tracking two systems that will become one bigger storm so you
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ed -- breaking news
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-- a police chase ends in a crash in alexandria. >> morning, it is tuesday october 18. >> lisa baden will have the latest on that situation. in just a few minutes. we begin with adam caskey and a check on the forecast. we are tracking two weather systems that will emerge as one and give us a rainy day tomorrow. we will have rain developing late tonight. here is a cool picture i took yesterday that i just posted on facebook. i took this while walking along the key bridge. these are corpuscular rays. we have wide ranging temperatures out there on our way to 72 degrees with a mixture of sun and cloud. later tonight, a few showers and
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often on rain throughout the day tomorrow. we could see up to 1.5 inches tomorrow. the delays are on interstate 395 on the main lanes of northbound. this is stop and go activity to this activity where a police chase ended early this morning on northbound 395 at the beginning of the exit ramp for edsall road. the exit ramp and the right traveling is closed as well. that is affecting mainline commuters and your access to edsall road. this will put a lot on your travel time. they have not changed anything with hov. hov restrictions remain the same period. 7 republican hopefuls are just hours away from another face off. tonight, the candidates will take the stage in nevada at the las vegas of venetian hotel and
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the bull's-eye is on the back of herman cain. he faces greater scrutiny. will allow more on tonight's debate in just about 15 minutes. the potential rivals prepare for the debate in nevada, president obama will hit the road in north carolina and virginia to push congress to approve his jobs plan. >> i will break up my jobs bill. maybe they couldn't understand it all at once. [laughter] we will break up into bite size pieces. >> senate republicans blocked the $447 billion package last week. democrats said the first piece will be $35 billion to help states and local governments find jobs for teachers, police, and firefighters. republicans blasted the three- day bus tour saying mr. obama is focusing on his own job. it washington man died after
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crashing his car into a tour bus. the collision happened are around 6:00 last night in waldorf. the man is a 20-year old. police say the driver of the tour bus who was a 46-year-old failed to yield the right-of- way. no one else was seriously hurt and no word on any charges. police will be back in the woods today looking for a missing montgomery county boy. he disappeared more than two weeks ago to around the same time his mother was murdered police are holding out hope he will be found alive. >> detectives are traveling to north carolina to pick up the man accused of killing his mother. brianne carter has the latest. the search for the 11-year- old continues this morning more than two weeks after the young boy went missing.
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>> any time a kid is missing, it is disturbing. >> he was last seen september 30. on october 12, his mother was found dead inside their apartments. search warrants were issued and she suffered from a parent's saboteur her back. curtis lopez was charged with killing the mother and is suspected in the missing of the boy. lopez waved his extradition rights for north carolina and will soon return to maryland. according to court documents, a witness claimed lopez was seen near the home moving a television box into mcqain's vehicle. he is not talking to police so the search for the young boy continues. >> hopefully we can find a kid in one piece and best wishes. >> that was brianne carter reporting. police and parents in oakton are on high alert after another
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possible abduction. the two incidents took place days apart on the same street. a nearby school is sending a warning to parents. jummy olabanji has details. they sent an e-mail to the parents and students warning about all incident. >> a warning message from school officials -- friday afternoon police say two oakton high school female students were walking home along blsake lane and a man approached them and started a conversation. he asked the girls to get inside his car and the two were aware of a similar incident days before started yelling and ran away. >> i am very concerned. kids walk up and down blake lane and they are on their way to school in the dark in the morning. >> that incident came three days after police say another oakton student was approached by a man she did not know what walking notbl;ake lane a man tried to force the girl into a car but she fought him off and ran away.
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detectives are investigating whether the same man is behind both the tax then i think the girl was smart about screaming. and running. it is kind of scary. >> you can see exactly how dark it is out here when the students are walking to nearby oakton high school. this is why their parents are so worried about this and why they hopefully catch whoever is behind these attempted abductions. police do not have a good description of the men that they have a good description of a possible car that could be involved. they described as a white four- door subcompact sedan and there is a baby on board sign near the driver's side window. >> thank you. the time is 6:36. boaters in prince george's county will hit the polls today for a special election to replace the former councilwoman leslie johnson. she resigned over the summer after pleading guilty in federal
6:37 am
corruption probe targeting her husband, jack johnson. the polls open at 7:00 a.m. and a close at 8:00 p.m.. a team of engineers will be inspecting the national cathedral again today, looking for earthquake damage. the same team made headlines repeling down the national -- washington monument. the inspection began yesterday afternoon and focused on the north and south towers of the cathedral. the cathedral has been closed since the earthquake in august. it is scheduled to reopen november 12. >> time is 6:37 and 55 degrees this morning. >> two, and tests for cancer but are they the best way to detect the disease? we have -- >> the death of dan wheldon - what the league should do to handle the fallout? >> we will have another check on traffic and weather every 10
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6:40 this morning and this is a picture taken this past weekend at the deep creek lake in western maryland. the colors are really changing
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out west. thank you for sharing that beautiful picture. 52 degrees in chantilly and 57 and the district. in the 40's and parts of northern maryland so wide raging temperatures this morning. we have some clouds the snow showers so far. we will break into the sunshine later on this morning it is kind of like yesterday. two systems will march together to our south later today and tomorrow and that will bring a fairly dim when state to our area. 72 and partly cloudy today at near 72 more with often on rain showers. in virginia, northbound 95 on to i-395 a 13-mile delay begins of the prince william parkway. there is activity that closes the ramp to edsall road for it looks like they gave to the traveling back to that will help a little bit. the flares have burned out and
6:42 am
we have three lanes which will help spread things out. the exit ramp remains closed and this is where a police chase ended early this morning. in maryland, not quite as complicated on the beltway no accidents, to 70 looks standard and here is the bell with close to andrews air force base. as far as metrorail, if you take the red line and go to the wheaton station the entrance escalators are out of service. >> thank you, lee said. 6:42 and 55 degrees. >> the day the sky went dark in texas. we will show you more of this amazing video. >> a primary scramble and another gop debate.baton keeping
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our building momentum the race toward 2012. abbie phillips joins us with a preview of tonight's gop debate. john heinz that will be missing what is going on there? a lot of republican candidates are protesting the decision to hold their primaries early in january in nevada. that has wreaked havoc on the gop primary calendar. it has put some of their bids in peril. this is not just a matter of tradition. for some candidates like michelle bachmann and rick perry and rick santorum and even jon huntsman, they put their hopes and some of the early states like iowa. with nevada holding their primaries earlier that makes it less likely that they can compete in the early states, do well, and keep momentum going into the rest of the gop primary. >> we have seen so many gop
6:46 am
debates of this season. who needs to really step up in this debate in order to improve their placement? >> today it will be all about herman cain. people will make a final decision about whether he is in it to win it. he has faltered on a lot of substantive issues. his 9-9-9 plan has come under scrutiny. there are lots of open questions about whether he can really perform. we will also be looking at rick perry and seeing if he can get back from a lot of stumbles he has had in the last couple of weeks. >> thank you so much. >> we will be watching. the ongoing occupy wall street protests seem to have plenty of support here in the d.c. area. the demonstrations that started in new york city last month has
6:47 am
spread to washington and hundreds of other cities around the world. 37% of the people and the d.c. area support the protesters. 45% of people and the districts reported an 40% of people in maryland and 30% of people in virginia. we have a new study that supports getting mammograms every other year instead of annually. julianna rancik as early stage breast cancer and she is from bethesda. more than 60% of women who get tested each year for a decade will be called back at least once for tests that turn out not to show breast cancer. the study was published in the annals of internal medicine. scientists are advising the government and say pap test is a
6:48 am
good way to screen middle-age women for cervical cancer. they say the test is needed once in every three years. h-p is the virus that causes the disease. four disabled adults are recovering after being found in the basement of apartment building. they lived in a dungeon with little water and a toilet for a bucket. their captors face kidnapping and other charges and investigators believe this was part of a nationwide scheme to steal disability checks. experts and fellow racers are weighing in on the tragic crash that tragicindy champion dan wheldon. he was killed sunday in a fiery crash nascar race for jimmy johnson and others have suggested that indy cars are not built to go as fast as they
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go on oval tracks. this is amazing video that comes from lubbock, texas. a massive dust storm turns the sky is pitch black at the height of the evening commute. the visibility kept dropping down to zero and flights had to be grounded in the storm toppled trees and damaged roofs. the area has suffered from extreme drought conditions this season. that is pretty dramatic. >> and people are trying to drive home from work. around here, a good time for the fall colors this weekend. the leaves are changing and will be great whether to look at it. there'll be high-pressure, calm conditions and fall temperatures to get to in the mood. let's take a look at some of the fall colors i have been
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receiving as pictures. i just did a blog on this is skyline drive. this was taken yesterday evening around sunset. that is beautiful. it still has a little ways to go before we reach peak colors. thank you for sending me that photo. cloud cover is moving over had this morning light yesterday morning. a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day but overall very pleasant. 72 the high this afternoon. we have some rain showers and the mississippi valley and an area of low pressure and an area of low pressure over the gulf of mexico with widespread rain throughout the gulf and southwest florida. these two systems will merge together to our south later today and tomorrow and will become one bigger storm system
6:51 am
and strengthen overhead. that will give us an active day tomorrow. there will be off and on showers. the showers come together just to the south and push to re in starting tomorrow morning and maybe late tonight. mainly tomorrow morning into the afternoon and early evening often on rate up to 1.5 inches and gusty and cold behind that system. comfortable and 72 today near 72 mar 60's thursday and through the weekend. 30 miles of slow traffic on 95 northbound in virginia with delays in the main line that began at the prince william parkway. the headlights tell the tale. that is the pace of traffic from woodbridge to where newschopper7 is and that is 395 northbound at edsall road. a police chase ended there this morning. the traveling -- a travel light was closed as well for awhile
6:52 am
but now it is just the exit ramp at edsall road. we will have more details after this.
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coming up here, a miracle rescued now race against time after a very grim discovery in philadelphia. you concede that makeshift dungeon where four mentally disabled adults were held by
6:55 am
thieves who stole their money. could there be more victims across the country? -- caught on tape, a kayaker with a mass of blue whales. you'll want to see all the pictures. we will take a look at the day ahead, montgomery county police will search a frostburg park for an 11-year-old boy. he has been missing for more than two weeks. rarely soldier is visiting with family for the first time in more than five years. gilad shalit was released after israel agreed to release thousands of palestinian prisoners. >> a man is a a pick -- scheduled to appear in court. he crashed his car into a telephone pole back in may.
6:56 am
>> quick last look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> have lisa baden. police chase ended this morning on 395 northbound at the beginning of the ramp to edsall road. there is a solid delay that begins before the prince william parkway. another nice, comfortable cold day and tomorrow you want the raincoat which often on showers throughout the day. it is still near 70 and gusty and cooler on thursday with full temperatures from thursday through the weekend. it will mainly be right around 60 and a good weekend for checking out the fall colors. >> i just downloaded something. >> good morning america is next. >> have a wonderful day.
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